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Here is what a few of our Pocket Clip customers have to say:

These are perfect to hold you pocket kerchiefs and add a touch of class to any suit... just purchased a 2nd one!

William Guerrero

I was looking for something to hold my pens so they would not fall to the bottom of my purse. I wanted something beautiful but well designed so it would endure all the handling I would dish out. I found the Pocket Clip and thought it would be perfect for what I needed. I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and can how find my pens with ease. Not to mention the lining of my purse is not covered in ink stains. This product is not just for men! I am ordering them as Christmas gifts for all my girlfriends.

Leona V

The first thing that impressed me was how beautifully the Pocket Clip was packaged! While browsing the internet for something unique to give my husband for our anniversary, I happened upon the Pocket Clip. My husband is the pastor of a small congregation and the only time he wears a dress shirt is on Sunday. I wasn’t that concerned with him getting ink in the pockets, but I loved how it looked sitting in the shirt pocket. I had a cross engraved on his clip along with his name. He loves it and so do I.

Carol Gumm

Love my custom engraved GADDIS pocket clip

Every time I wear my pocket clip people always comment on how nice and stylish it looks with my suits. Great design and functional as well. #ChicGeek

John Gaddis

I have purchased two pockets clips from BeFine Design for my husband. As the wife of an Account Executive (who’s company gives away ink pens as their number one free giveaway), I have lots of experience with ink stains on the pocket of expensive shirts. The Pocket Clip is a creative and stylist way to avoid ruining a shirt and as a bonus adds a touch of class to what can be a ho-hum shirt and tie.

Tammy M
City Insurance Professionals


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